Great Opensource applications for Android

A list of Opensource applications for Android that I have tested and approved! You can find these applications on Google Play or better on F-Droid! (Note: I update this article from time to time).

  • AdAway – No ads!
  • APV PDF Viewer – A simple but smart PDF viewer.
  • Authenticatior – Used for Gmail Two factor authentication.
  • Barcode Scanner – Really need to explain?
  • Battery Widget – Little widget which display percentage and temperature of the battery.
  • CIDR Calculator − For {net,sys}admin.
  • Bubble – A tiny level gauge which works well!
  • F-Droid – Opensource applications repository.
  • Firefox – Best browser in the world?
  • Hacker’s Keyboard – Nice keyboard to type commands in shell.
  • Irssi ConnectBot – Great ssh client.
  • Hacker’s Keyboard – A keyboard like a real keyboard, nice to use when using ConnectBot!
  • KDE Connect − Have notifications or other things to your KDE Desktop.
  • KeePassDroid – To manage passwords.
  • Mifare Classic Tool − Read data on NFC chip (Mifare).
  • Muzei − Live wallpaper of famous art, or from your pictures, nice dim and blur effect.
  • Narau − Japanese revision help.
  • oandbackup − Backup manager (needs root).
  • OpenCamera − Great camera app if you come from DSLR world.
  • OI File Manager – A lightweight file manager.
  • OSMTracker – Tracking using GPS, useful to contribute to OSM 🙂
  • primitive ftpd – A very little ftp daemon, usefull for accessing your data in WiFi.
  • Send reduced − Reduce image size, great for sending tweets.
  • Secret Codes − Scan your device from secret code like which permits to open hidden menus.
  • Search Light – Fucking all flashlight apps are crap, not this one!
  • Slight backup – I use it to backup SMS and call-logs.
  • Superuser – Replace SuperSu which permits to manage root access.
  • TTRSS-Reader − An RSS reader for Tiny Tiny RSS instance.
  • Terminal Emulator – Because you can’t live with no terminal!
  • Trolly – Lightweight shopping list.
  • Twidere − A nice twitter client.
  • Wikipedia – More lightweight that using a browser.

And you, what Opensource apps do you use on your Android?

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