Nouvelle version stable de CCCP

Voici le changelog :

  • 2010-10-10:New CCCP Win7/Vista/XP/2K Release! (2010-10-10). One year, one month, one day since our last release. Lots of bugfixes, feature improvements and Chiyo-ification (maybe not that last one). Oh, and the codename is Ten十KymmenenдесятьDziesięćTízZehnDixTioDez.
    • MPC-HC no longer supported on Win2k. The installer won’t let you install it if you’re using Win2k.
    • Updated components:
      • FFDShow 1.1.3562.0
      • MPC-HC 1.3.2505.0
      • Haali
    • Settings app changes:
      • Improved h264 decoder selection logic. The settings app supports native switching between ffdshow, ffdshow-mt (ffmpeg-mt), CoreAVC and DivX decoders, (if installed).

      • Error detection for ‘re-register filters’ improved again.
      • Better behaviour when closing. Now prompts to apply changes if you click ‘Cancel’.
    • Installer improvements:
      • Directory autocomplete for install path.
      • Pick the best h264 decoder intelligently.
      • DirectX9 End-User Runtimes are required for ffshow now. Don’t install if they aren’t present.